The Last 0-Day, the first book in the epic science fiction saga, The Banned Algorithm Library, available on Amazon and B&N for free!

Luciana Gutierrez, a police officer, works ninety-six-hour shifts with a eugeroic hangover around the corner. Her investigation into those who stole her life is sidelined as a crime syndicate turns her precinct into a war-zone. Sent for backup, she’s offered experimental technology that could turn the tide, if she’s willing to risk mind, body, and soul. 

Anton Grissom’s birth was a crime, and his sentence is military service. Molded into an elite soldier, his path of atonement falls away when he’s caught on the losing side of a massacre. In the aftermath, he’s offered a second chance at life—if he’s prepared to pay. 

Weaver heals the broken and disposable, and in the process makes cybernetics a reality. Superhuman strength, intelligence, and connections to one another, it could solve humanity’s problems or tear society apart. But those concerns are secondary to Weaver, who just wants to see the next sunrise. 

All three are augmented for their own personal crusade and are on a collision course that will change the world.

The Last 0-Day is an action packed adventure of the first cyborgs. It’s Neuromancer meets Malazan Book of the Fallen with a dash of cli-fi.

Adephon’s Rise is an action-packed techno-thriller on cybernetics, war, and corporate espionage.

The Federation of Chinese City-States has known unrivaled peace and prosperity for generations. But as The Automated City of Chengdu goes dark, rumors swirl that the long peace is over.

Generals are always fighting the last war, and George Chen’s life is on the line because of it. Leading the tip-of-the-spear to Chengdu, George will need everything he has to survive a battle the world’s never seen before.

Nicholas Chen dives into the criminal underworld of Shanghai to decipher a software update that’s bricking everything with a microchip. Money and power beyond his wildest dreams are up for grabs—if he can fix the break and get out.

Zhifang Li works four jobs and her Vio Corp position is the worst. Conscripted into the Clover espionage unit, she’s in over her head. With the rumors of implanted people proving all too real, she’s to infiltrate a rival company’s most secure databank, or die trying.

In book two of the Banned Algorithm Library, the Clovers get upgraded, and Weaver’s cousin, Adephon, rears its head—changing the world forever.

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The Federation of Chinese-City States has fallen, but you wouldn’t know that by watching the verified news. Anton, Luciana, and Weaver return in The Unverified War.
Out 9/15/2023!

Trouble always finds Anton Grissom. Whether it’s family debt, Weaver, or his old fireteam needing him for a mission that will determine the fate of the UCSA, trouble finds him. Hopefully this time, he keeps all his limbs intact.

The flood in the Pucker might be over, but Luciana Gutierrez is still drowning. Investigating the cause of the deluge, she finds herself in a war between corporations and cartels for the once forgotten borough of the San Francisco Bowl. To make matters worse, thethe neural-link with her K-9 unit, Nagual, grows stronger with every bark.

Weaver, the gestalt-consciousness of disabled children, is finally free. To Weaver, the world is a complex puzzle: Luciana’s investigations, Anton’s family drama, relationships, the perfect pancake recipe, the talk of revolution in the UCSA… Weaver intends to solve it all in a correct and ordered fashion. First up? What every young hive-mind needs—personal growth.

The Unverified War is an action-packed adventure on irregular warfare, crime, and growing up. It’s a cyberpunk Malazan Book of the Fallen.

In book three of The Banned Algorithm Library, the unverified war from China is verified in blood.